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DLI TRAINING asbestos awareness course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to identify asbestos containing materials and to take appropriate action when it is identified.

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Asbestos Awareness Training Course

For Individuals:

  • That may encounter asbestos or asbestos containing materials in their workplace
  • To ensure that they remain safe while on-site
  • Wanting to make sure their skills and knowledge are current and up to date with the latest industry standards

Please note that WorkSafe ACT mandates that workers in the Australian Capital Territory must complete a specific awareness course called “10675NAT”. This is NOT that course.

For Businesses:

  • Needing to ensure staff who may come in contact with asbestos or asbestos containing materials in their normal course of work are appropriately trained as required by SafeWork Australia.
  • You only start now and pay later!
  • Your certificate will be issued as soon as you finish.
  • Absolutely no paperwork.
  • This course is divided into the following parts:
    • Part 1: Asbestos and your Health
      • What is Asbestos
      • Health Effects
      • Asbestos In Vehicle
      • Uses and Location of Asbestos
    • Part 2: Legal Obligations
      • General Duty of Care
      • Duty of Care and Asbestos
      • Code of Practice
      • Asbestos Register
      • Notification To Workers
      • Waste Removal and Disposal
      • Prohibition of Work
      • Duty To Identify
      • Equipment Restrictions
      • Duty To Train
      • Location of Asbestos
      • Asbestos Management Plan
      • Demolition and Refurbishment
      • Clearance Inspection
      • Asbestos Levels
      • Licences
    • Part 3: Asbestos Risk Management
      • Risk Management and Asbestos
      • Controlling Asbestos Risks
      • Air Monitoring
      • Health Surveillance
      • PPE
      • Respirators
      • Disturbing Asbestos
      • Preparation for Maintenance
      • Tools
      • Vacuum Cleaners
      • Decontamination
      • Clearance Inspections and Monitoring
      • Waste Removal and Disposal
      • Warning Signs and Labels
      • Emergency Procedures
      • Emergency Procedures When Discovering Asbestos
      • Emergency Containment Measures

100 % ONLINE

Approximately 2 Hours

  • This is an awareness only course. A Certificate of Completion will be issued on completion of this course.

Is this course accepted in the ACT?
No, in the ACT you need to do the 10675NAT Asbestos Awareness course

Is this course accredited?
No, this an awareness course only. However this course meets the requirements of the various SafeWork departments in all States (except the ACT) for workers who may be exposed to asbesos containing materials (ACM).

Will I get a licence when I complete this course?
No, this course has no licenced outcome, but you will receive a Certificate of Completion

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AnLo Liu
AnLo Liu
Thanks Drake for some helpful tips before I get my licence. I hope I can pass soon!
Riki Cleaves
Riki Cleaves
Vernon Lewis
Vernon Lewis
Juan Carlos Higuera Diaz
Juan Carlos Higuera Diaz
AC Events
AC Events
cold papa
cold papa
5 stars! Good training centre shout out to instructor SAL!
Cocktail Freak
Cocktail Freak
I got my working with heights today, Great place to learn, very professional, Sal was easy to learn from, I'll be back for the yellow card👍
Jason Li
Jason Li
Great training and classes, the trainer Sal did a great job teaching working safely at heights.
Our trainer Dragon was excellent. Great communication and well spoken. He delivered awesome training and valuable knowledge. Would highly recommend him as a trainer.

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